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We would welcome the opportunity to earn your business and deliver you the best service in the industry. We offer several options to assist our clients in recovering collateral, Repossesing autos, watercraft, aircraft, equipment as well as Liquidating personal & corporate assets, estate assets, personal property, real-estate and more through a few simple yet effective methods. We also have a buy, sell & trade program designed to assist those in need of extra cash funds quickly as well as offering 30, 60 & 90 day payment options on most item in our inventory.
(Our Collateral Repossession & Asset Recovery Services )  

 Our Commitment is to put property back in the control of the lender or lien holder. A lost collateral item means lost revenue and our commitment is to put that property back in the hands of the lender quickly saving the lender or lien holder from loss of revenue.
are part of a growing issue for most banks, financial
Asset Recovery AgentWe specialize in recovering most collateral, secured and unsecured  debts quickly and hassle free. We recover & reposes cars, trucks, boats, water craft, rv's, aircraft, machinery and most items covered in a defaulted payment contract. We offer our clients state of the art recovery systems, secured storage, auto transport & shipping to a location of the lien holders choice. We accept assignments from most banks, independent car dealerships, Title loan companies, and credit unions as well as private lien holders. 

              You can forward your order of repossession to 

   yumaassetliquidators@gmail.com  or  (928)503-9211
Estate sale services.
A properly done auction brings together a strong blend of dealers and retail buyers, causing prices to rise to their highest possible levels.
Disputes between heirs can be easily settled by each heir bidding on what they would like, knowing the funds will then be distributed back to all the heirs.
When People select the auction route what do they expect? They expect to see a rapid way to convert their assets into cash for the highest fair market value in an organized, systematic fashion. They further anticipate a custom design marketing and advertising program tailored to their unique situational needs. A marketing format that will result in the largest exposure of their assets to ready, willing and able buyers in a open and competitive market place, with a minimal amount of frustration, or personal time commitment.
What guarantees come with an auction? 
2- We guarantee you will never pay up front fees.
 We work on commission so we only get paid on what we sell, the more we sell the more we make, its in our best interest to make your estate auction a success.
1. The auction will be properly marketed and advertised which will result in the highest fair market value.
3. That the seller will receive their cash in an expedient manner as agreed upon in the written plan and auction agreement.
Consignment sales work great when dealing with smaller amounts of merchandise. In a consignment the seller can expect to receive a fair value for all items without the hassle of tying to sell it yourself & having strangers coming to your home. We will place your items in our consignment auction  as well as our website gallery and facebook pages and sell them for you. In our auction house we handel everything from advertising your items, to the sale, to  the delivery.  Consignments are hassle free, safe and deliver results.  
( OPTION 3 DIRECT BUY OUT ) In a direct buy out Yuma Asset Liquidators would meet with seller or client, appraise the value of said items or estate the client is looking to sell or liquidate, then a cash offer would be made to the client for the entire estate or all merchandise within the purchase agreement that the client is looking to sell. This method is also clean, fast and delivers to the client the ability to eliminate all assets or personal property quickly and hassle free.
( BUY, SELL, TRADE ) We also offer cash on the spot for most items and welcome walk-ins. Our Buy Sell & Trade program offers people an alternative to high interest loans or pawn shops.
(LAY-AWAY ) Our Lay-away is simple yet affective allowing our clients & consumers to purchase items with 30, 60, 90, 120 or more  days to pay on the items with ez payment plans. Lay-Away is a great option for anyone who is a little short on cash and cant otherwise charge items to a line of credit.

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Recovery Line (928)503-9211 24 hrs
Email - Yumaassetliquidators@gmail.com
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